Saturday, March 8, 2014

Good days

I am truly cherishing the moments these days. I find it difficult at times but I am trying to make it a habit of looking at what I have and be grateful for it.
There is something to be said for not judging or qualifying or undermining how good the times truly are. Just see them as is, happiness, joy, sadness, love.
This has been my last few weeks.

It seems hard when I have so many physical things that are struggles, I find that I long to have moments with my family that are wonderful and memorable that I begin to second guess the times that I am having as amazing. I am going to try to see them for what they are and be grateful.

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Monday, March 3, 2014


I am doing a course right now. It talks about being grateful. The issue for me is that some times I am either not grateful or the things I am grateful for are things in the past. Things that I used to have and want again.
This is not a good game to play. It doesn't lead anywhere healthy and only continues to keep me in a place longing for the other!
I find that it is hard to look back on things with a genuine appreciation for what they were without feeling a sense of loss and longing.
I want to change this, I want to experience my past and my memories with fondness and appreciation for the awesomeness that they were not for what I don't have now, not with longing and sadness.

So here I go.
I am grateful for my wife. She lis amazing, she is creative in a way that seems so broad she and most other people have a hard time nailing down anything specific. She can decorate an empty space for a party on a non-existent budget and make it into some of the best party memories I have and do it effortlessly. She plays music and it is some of the most beautiful I have ever heard!
She is also the mother if my three beautiful children and they hold everything that is beautiful about her with in them. I love you Melissa!
I am grateful for the Opportunities I am receiving where I work and the compliments on the job that I am doing.
I am grateful for our house that is in an area we can afford and allows out children to go to a great school.
I am grateful that my children are healthy.
I am grateful that my children are whiling to talk to us and express their emotions.
I am grateful for having five wonderful years in Altona and the friends I made there.
And I am grateful for what the future holds in the unknown!

Good luck to day as you search for something to be grateful for.

Monday, February 24, 2014


My youngest daughter today taught me something about perspective. When we don't feel well emotionally sometimes all we need to do is change our vantage point, change our perspective and see what we are missing! Willow proved to me that by kneeling down I would see that there was a rainbow in our house. Children see more than we know and we as adults need to listen more than we think. Thank you for the rainbow today Willow!

What would happen if we changed our perspective more often? I think we would see the beauty in our world more. If we were lucky, we might see it as our children do.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ice Donkey

I realize that I did not update after the race. My team came in at 42 minutes. We found the obstacles to be the beat part and the part we were best at. Others seemed to be standing around as we blew past them and worked really well together to finish them.

I am quite cloister phobic but in the obstacle that I thought was going to be the worst for me, the ice maze, the team got behind me and in the end I overcame my fears.

I look forward to doing something like this again with these guy's.
Well done Rascals!
Here are some more photos from the race.

Like I said, well done guys!

Enjoy the video.

Monday, February 17, 2014


I find that a good way to keep me mentally healthy is to do something active and even though I go outside and play with my children, I feel I need more. Jogging seems to be the easiest thing for me to do if I find myself in a slump emotionally and need to pick my self up.
I think that the combination of endorphins, sheer effort and the personal motivation that it takes,0 turns my thought process around.
Just the other day I found myself in one of those exact slumps I was speaking about and my wife and I made a deal to start asking for what we "need" so I did and she did and when I returned from my 7km jog both of us felt better.


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2014 Ice Bike

Yesterday I raced in the 2014 Ice Bike. I will be honest, am I the fastest out there, No. But I am not the slowest and I had a great time doing it. I find that if I get out in the winter, it typically doesn't matter how cold it is I enjoy myself and getting involved in small races that I can have fun at just make me feel good!
I did however take a nice spill coming down the bank onto the river. So I am currently on the mend, at least as much as one can be while having three kids who keep you moving. My kids also did the race and they had a blast! It is great to see them out there going hard and enjoying the biking and activities. Here are some pick from the day?

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Friday, February 7, 2014


Alright tomorrow is Ice Donkey. My team mates and I are ready to have some fun. My colleague made tutu's and it should be a blast. I will update you tomorrow about how it goes.

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